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Originally Posted by Blade37db
... those who have been trained (LEO, retired LEO) to deal with such situations ...

This notion should be corrected at the outset. The overwhelmingly vast majority of LE have no specialized training in "dealing with" an active shooter.

This is no slight against our men/women in blue. It's just an outgrowth of the reality that LE will most likely NOT be on the scene until the event is over or nearly over.

Active shooters show a propensity for committing suicide as soon as:
  • Their objective (which may be as simple as "causing terror") has been accomplished.
  • There is active opposition or the sign of impending opposition. Often flashing lights or the sound of sirens is the cue to "end it".
Given that this is the case, no specialized training (for LE) even makes sense.
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