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Gee Picher, you're older then me!!

I've told this story before. I had never hunted deer before (but was familiar with firearms) when I was 18 (1965) and a older friend at work asked me if I wanted to go with them. They "camped out" on paper company land in Adams county, Wisconsin and it was a huge marsh that went in all directions for miles. I had had the Asian flu all the week before and just felt good enough to ride up with them. I had a borrowed, old Win 94 30-30 along. That weekend there was a foot of snow on the ground and it was -20º below 0º F. not counting the wind chill. And we had a tent! We were fully dressed, had all the camp stoves, heaters and lights going and all the bags zipped together to survive that cold. The next morning it had warmed up to where the snow was melting and that cold knocked that Asian flu right out of me. But I was really tired. After the sun came up about noon I had found a little stream with nice grass bank on my side and tamarack on the other. I laid down on that 45º tilted grass bank and I fell fast asleep. I woke up hearing what sounded like another hunter crunching through the tamarack so sat up waiting for him. Instead out comes the biggest buck I've ever seen in my life (to this day!) and turns broadside to me, 40 yards away. I'm in a sitting position so put the sights on him and emptied that rifle into him with no reaction of any kind on his part. He just trotted up the hill. I couldn't believe it so went over and sure enough there was a nice blood trail. I followed it for about 100 yards only to find the deer with a tag on it all field dressed. It was HUGE. And who had it tagged? The guy I rode with that got me hunting. He insisted it had been there longer and it couldn't be my deer. Well, we both knew it was. I had to have a ride home but I didn't speak much with him after that. The only good thing was the deer was so old the meat was horrible.
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