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Active shooter scenario in a public place (Oregon mall)

Seeing one of my worst nightmare scenarios on the news yesterday (Oregon mall shooting) really has me thinking. I'll preface by saying that I read a Tom Clancy book a few years back (forget which one) and a part of it involved coordinated terrorist attacks (shooters) in shopping malls and it is always on my mind when I go to one. It's scary to think how vulnerable some soft targets are (malls, schools). Sounds like the tragedy yesterday was by a lone gunman and obviously we don't know why yet. That being said, I'd like to hear from those who have been trained (LEO, retired LEO) to deal with such situations their opinions about what a civilian CCW holder should/shouldn't do in such a situation (active shooter, public place).

Having never been trained (trust me, I'm seriously considering it now), my thought process would be: if I could not get out (including those with me) I would try to get myself (and others) into an area and take cover as soon as possible and take up a defensive position. Next would be to get on the cell phone and give 911 our location and description...including letting them know I was armed. All of this seems similar to what one would do should someone break into your house and escape were not possible.

I am well aware that being a civilian and seen in the open with a firearm is a recipe for disaster in such a situation (how would responders know I'm not involved?) but I would obviously want to protect myself and others should we have no other choice.

My question is: what else should (and shouldn't) be done if (god forbid) faced with such a situation?

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