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Expect 28J letters (citing Moore) in Peterson, Woollard, Richards and Piszczatoski, to begin showing up, shortly.
Gura didn't waste any time! It's amusing to see this entering the annals of 2nd Amendment jurisprudence:

I'm reminded of Judge Easterbrook's comments about Space 1999 reruns constituting cruel and unusual punishment.

Meanwhile, from the losing side, we have this:

"Courts make mistakes," said Lee Goodman, an organizer with the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition. "That's why we have a process for appeal."

Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, who supports stricter gun control measures, said she hoped the ruling would be stayed until the Supreme Court had a chance to rule on an appeal. But if the state is forced to implement a concealed carry law, it should be severely restrictive, she said.

"There's no question that there are all kinds of limits one could impose," Currie told HuffPost.
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