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Some First Hunting Experiences

When I was 15, around 1959, I bought my first rifle, a .30-06 Savage 110, (newly introduced), but hadn't been able to afford a scope yet, so used the open iron sights.

My cousin Gene took me on a hunt with his in-laws in Unity, Maine. There was about a foot of snow on the ground, and it was snowing huge flakes when they dropped me off along a gravel road. There was one old guy who they called "The Poacher" who would station people in places where he would try to get deer to cross roads, fields, etc. Poacher carried an iron-sighted, beat-up Savage 340, 30-30 he claimed to be deadly with it.

So I was standing on the edge of the road and a huge buck came out and stood on the opposite side, about 100 yards away. It was so big and had such a huge rack that it looked more like an elk than a deer!!! I brought the rifle up and a big flake landed on my front sight, so I lowered the rifle and wiped the snow off, then raised it again, whereupon another flake landed on the rear sight, so I removed that one too.

Finally the sights were clear enough to shoot, so I fired and the deer jumped back into the woods. I went there to see if there was any blood, but just saw some dark hair. I then yelled for help and both "Poacher" and Gene showed up. Poacher said to stay there and he'd see if he could find the deer. A while later, he came back and said he couldn't find any blood.

I've always wondered whether Poacher found the huge buck and decided to keep it for himself.

Anbody else have an early experience they'd like to share?
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