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more likely use, would be to replace a camp hatchet, could be used as a machete to clear shooting lanes, fence lines, take off small branches on downed trees, while chainsawing, etc...
I did environmental hazmat work for many years here in Florida. I found that nothing worked better than a good quality machete to access some of the hard to reach remote areas I needed it for. I recommend one that has a wider style blade up towards the tip, not the straight bladed type. I've accumulated several over the years and one that I recently purchased is the Bear Grylls Parang machete. Its made by Gerber so the quality is there. The blade itself is thick at 1/8" and is 13.5" long, the knife itself is 19.5" in length so its pretty compact for a machete. It has a full tang and an ergonomic textured rubber grip with lanyard, its a very comfortable grip. It also comes with a pretty heavy duty sheath for belt carry. Its received a lot of good reviews since it came out in Feb. Its regular price is around $50.00 but its on sale right now on Amazon for $30.00 with free shipping. I think it might be worth a look for you and your stated purpose, I really like mine.
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