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I used the screws. The rail is set properly.. After a bunch of reading I found this quote over on from the owner of TWS. IMO it doesn't look right on my rifle. That being said it is solid, the finish is great, and I get a peep and can finally mount an optic, I just wish it would have been clear that they made the change.

"You know, it's kinda funny how these things go sometimes. The left side clearance cut-out people are discussing here was adopted in about March of this year. The change was made in order to fit a greater variety of AK models including RPK and VEPR. The larger cut-out was required to fit the bulged trunnion on those weapons. So for nine months or so no one seemed to care or even notice. Usually, I let these discussions play themselves out on their own. However, in the last few weeks I've received a pile of calls and emails from concerned people. Somewhat of a tempest in a tea pot.

So here below are pictures and descriptions of the issue at hand. First off, the top cover is not really a DUST cover at all. We don't care about dust in the receiver. We've all seen videos of buried AK's coming out of the ground, having the dirt shaken out, and dumping a full magazine. Dust and dirt won't hurt us. What we care about is protecting our faces from a reciprocating bolt carrier and keeping out the larger debris such as sticks and stones, or the enemy's bone fragments that can jam up our fire control mechanism. The factory original cover is neither air nor water tight. Also, following the Russian training doctrine the weapon is always carried with the safety lever in the fire position when patrolling or contact is possible. This obviously leaves a very large opening exposed on the right side which makes our little gaps seem insignificant. I hope this addresses peoples concerns. If not, please chime in.

This picture is an installation on a Century Arms Polish Tantal AK-74."
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