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newbies seem to gravitate towards the whiz-bang semi-autos that they've seen in the latest action movie, used in the newest version of Call of Duty, or been sold on by the gunstore commando. Instead, it seems to be the more seasoned shooters that eventually come to appreciate the attributes of a good revolver.
Bingo! I'd definetly be more wary of old duffers shooting wheel guns.

That analogy would be apt, if you had to pay extra for a manual transmission: have you seen the prices on revolvers!?!? The automatic transmission is an upcharge when buying a car.....
When was the last time you tried to buy just a basic, vanilla pick up? I tried a few years ago. While I wanted AT I didn't want the carpet or the traction control or any of that crap but to get it it would be "Special Order" and cost me more money. You more than likely won't find truck on the lot today with manual transmissions and indeed it may cost you more money to get it.
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