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Originally Posted by johnbt
I know several, each one a successful deer hunter who figures they're never going to shoot more than 2 shots at a time; so if a rifle will shoot 3 in a row accurately it's good to go. Even that's sort of an afterthought, their primary concern is the cold bore accuracy.

Otherwise I think the larger the group, the more useful the info. I shoot a lot of 5-shot groups with some of my .22 rifles because that's the mag size.
Yes, but that's suitability for a particular purpose not so much the capability of the gun. I do the same though, rarely shooting more than 3 shot groups because I don't really CARE what the theoretical ability of the rifle happens to be.

However, I have shot a lot of 3 shot groups and 10 of them makes a 30 shot group. I know the gun will shoot very well. It easily shoots 1/2 MOA 3 or 5 shot groups, and is easily at or under 3/4 for 30 shot aggregates.

I also know that it will very, very likely put any bullet within 1/4MOA of the POA (which is 1/2 MOA) at any given moment and that's all I care to know, in the end. Any woodchuck I can reasonably see, is going to be dead if I do my part. It's not the guns fault if I miss.

That's what it comes down to for me. Confidence. I want to know it's my fault if I miss.

I consider the aggregate of 10 3 shot groups from different days into one 30 shot group to be a much better indicator than even 1 30 shot group. It eliminates other variables, such as me having a bad day or wind or weather from one sitting and it's a lot more fun to shoot than 30 rounds all in one day. That would take me like 4 hours.
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