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Congrats on your deer. I suspect we are nearly neighbors. I've had a heck of a time seeing deer this year.

Bamaboy hunted a food plot this PM and missed a doe (rare) at 250 yds +. I took a doe early in Oct w/ my bow and have been in a slump since.

Glad to see your're getting action.
I have seen a lot more deer than I have been able to shoot. I hunt on a friend's property north of Athens. There is an area I can see from one of my shooting houses that the deer frequent pretty much every day. The reason I can't shoot them is because the range is about 400 yards and they are on the wrong side of the fence.

In the last couple of weeks I did let a couple of spikes walk. During bow season I was in my ladder stand with my crossbow. All of a sudden a doe snorted just a few feet from the base of my stand. She had come in from behind me and I didn't know she was there until she snorted. It surpised me so much that I jumped. She ran back the way she had come about 40 yards and stopped. But there was no way I could shoot behind me with that crossbow.

I'll probably hunt until I get one more deer. As it gets closer to the end of the season, I will get a little less selective about what I shoot.
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