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I like the S&W 638 shrouded hammer and a set of Crimson Trace laser grips. The gun is great for both the pocket or on the belt. The laser grips are great for setting around the house and practicing point of aim and is cheap entertainment for my critters. If I'm feeling friskey I carry a S&W 60 3 inch barrel .357 but like the lighter weight of the 638. Both are 5 round J frames and are great guns.

If I carry an auto it's a officers size 1911 45 acp or a Glock 36 45acp. Both are 6+1. So you can tell low round count doesn't bother me.

For me the 638 is the one that I grab when running errands and around the house. I really like the fact that I can shoot it in single action as I'm an old single action revolver shooter,still in love with the 45 Colt.

Get some 158 gr lswc and start working on them reloads. When you go into a high risk area start practicing the quick chambering with that G 19. Good luck with your choice and any of the S&W Airweights should give you years of great service. The J frames are well supported in all areas for accessories.
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