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Yards or feet? Don't take this the wrong way, but I have been around competition shooters a long time and have never seen anyone shoot sub 4" groups with ANY service handgun at 100 yards.
Believe it or not that is yards. On my butt, arms clamped between my legs, ala keith style. Only done it once but then again I've only tried it once. Most of my sighting in and groups are at 50 yards where I consistently get sub 2" groups.

All this shooting is with the very first 180gr load I ever tried. Decided to use the .357 for deer one year, grabed a load outta the manual, loaded up these loads and took it to a buddies range to sight in guns. After sighting in at 25 and with it getting dark we stapled up a target at the 50 yards stand. Proceeded to punch an 1 1/4" group, hardly could see the target. Left the folks at the range scratching their heads. Gun and load definetly love each other.

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