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Set up your rifle at the bench and take an hour to shoot ten shots if you want, do it over a week for all I care. Just shoot all ten shots at the same target. Then measure ALL the shots. Do that several times. Average them. It will be a very good indicator of whether your rifle, your load and you are capable of consistent 1 MOA groups.

One MOA and less is nice, but in no way necessary for a hunting rifle. To test my hunting rifles I shoot two shots fairly rapidly. If they are in an inch and a half circle at one hundred yards, they are plenty good for hunting.

However, if I shoot four are five two shot groups(if it is a 'group' even) in a row and all the shots from every group are touching, which is often the case with my rifles. I don't then claim that its a half MOA rifle, that can shoot half MOA groups all day long.
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