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I believe it's a straight Flobert action, and might not be a Warnant variant (no Warnant pivot studs visible on each side of the rear of the bbl) - but I can't tell from either your pics or description whether it had a falling or rolling block (I doubt RB) breech.

Here's what a Warnant action looks like:

The groove in the lower/central portion of the extractor was to gently push/retract the nose of the firing pin, as these guns were very simple/inexpensive, and had no FP return springs or other device.
It worked off the closing of the breechblock, so that a chambered cartirdge wouldn't be fired if the action was forcefully closed.

Many an itinerant repairman, w/o access or expertise for welding, often brazed parts together as a repair - which (as you found out) is nowhere near as strong.



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