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I used to carry there but that was years ago.

Second, there is no useful contribution to say antigunners were behind this. Please spare us unsubstantiated paranoia.

It is also not the case that such incidents happen more in gun free zones. While some shooters have been found to avoid places that have armed folks there, that is not a guarantee or predictor. Since many are sucidal (40%) kill themselves, it's not a consideration. We have shooters who attack police stations or tables of police in coffee shops or courthouses.

Defending the RKBA takes more than cliches - it take sophisticated thought. The reason for carry is that while there may be some deterrence, having a firearm gives you an another instrumentality for a better outcome possibility for the good guys side.

For example, the Tacoma Mall incident had armed citizens present - one who screwed up. As happened at the Tyler courthouse

Kraigwy - glad you daughter is ok. It's frightening to think about.

I recall wheeling the daughter as a baby around the place. Frightening.
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