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I've scoped two M1As. A NM with a Smith Enterprises steel mount and a Scout in a Sage EBR with the Springfield mount.

I didn't care for the Springfield mount at first, but I am actually pleased with its performance now. I had it mounted on the full size NM for awhile. It worked just fine but I have a first gen version with the very large knurled-knob type mounting screws. They're about an inch-plus in diameter and I don't have a tool that works well with them. Hand tightening would work loose too quickly. So, I used the biggest blade screw driver I have. I boogered the slots up a little like that. A flat piece of metal would work better.

Now, I've got it on the Scout in an EBR stock. I actually bought the SEI mount for that build but it wouldn't mate to the the receiver without binding against the stock. I almost purchased a Sadlak steel mount when I remembered I had the old SA mount. I put it on and it fit well. It's mounting a SA ART IV scope from back in the day and the whole set-up is stable as a rock. But it is heavy.

I then decided to scope up the NM again since I had the SEI mount and it is currently carrying an SWFA Super Sniper (Tasco) with fixed 10X. I've been pleased with both the scope and the mounting solution.

I'd have to agree, even though it is working for me, that the Springfield is the least desirable choice. I'd be inclined to recommend either the SEI or Sadlak mounts with a conventional stock.
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