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The only difference between a regular AR 15 and my dedicated .22LR AR-15 is the BCG Group and the barrel. The Upper and Lower is a standard AR-15. The trigger is the same as a standard AR-15 and all the controls are the same except for the forward assist. The more you practice with a rifle the more you can do without having to think about it. I get 10x times the amount of trigger time and practicing marksmanship fundamentals with the .22LR AR-15 as you do with a 100 rd box of .223.

I traded for two fully built AR-15 lowers and purchased my CMMG AR Upper Brand new for $250.00. The cost was negligible and the benefit is more trigger time.

The motor cortex of the brain maps repetitive functions. The more you do these functions they will be done on a subconscious level allowing you to concentrate on the vital part of shooting which is using the sights on a rifle.
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