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While I do agree this can be the case for many, I don't feel this directly applies in my situation. Here's why - When my wife and I decided we would like to get our CCW, we signed up for the class the same day we purchased our pistols. After doing so and talking about it, we both posponed our class until we felt comfortable handling and shooting our weapons. We then signed up for a beginners firearms class and took that. After that class, we then signed up and took a couple of private shooting lessons (with the same instructor that gave us our weapon handling class). The instructor showed us introductory safe handling and cleaning of our weapons and then one on one time at the range for a couple of two hour sessions for each of us. I feel this is more than we would have received in our one day CCW class. Of course there is, and always will be much more to learn, but we didn't want to go into our class knowing nada.
Most CCW courses are designed to be attended by people with only basic firearms experience. The only requirement for the one I took in Arizona was that you had to know how to operate the weapon you brought to take your qualification...and even then, the instructor said he'd take time during lunch to help anyone who might want some instruction on their particular firearm.

We had 25 people in our class. Half the class had a good amount of experience, the other half had almost none. Only one person failed the qualification the first try, then scored 100% on her second try (after some one on one instruction). You are more than qualified to take the class. Don't worry about it, with what you've done, you'll likely be more qualified than half your class.
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