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[1] Please spell my name correctly. Sorry about the mispelled name

[2] And yes, our focus is handgun rounds. The focus of our discussions is self defense by private citizens, including the carrying of firearms by private citizens for self defense. That most commonly involves handguns. - whatever - my post was relevent to the thread as it was progressing

[3] All the material I cited and quoted very clearly relates to handgun rounds. No it wasnt - if it was I wouldnt have posted it

Originally Posted by sfmedic
...The energy imparted by the bullet has to abide by the law of energy E=MC2 in the world of ballistic energy mass isnt the big dog on the block its Speed because the speed is squared...
[1] And that equation has absolutely nothing to do with the subject we are discussing, nor does it describe ballistic energy.

[2] That equation is useful do describe the energy produced in nuclear reactions when a small amount of matter is lost and is converted to energy.

[3] The factor "c" is not speed. It is rather the speed of light (roughly 186,000 miles/second). The speed of light is a common constant in many equations of physics, and the letter "c" is commonly used in physics equations to refer to the speed of light.

I used that as a general example that evryone knew I dont think the Ek=1/2mv2 would have been as widely known - but it still holds that you get more energy from the speed side of the column as opposed to the size side

Originally Posted by sfmedic
...Because of that study I carry either MAGSAFES or GLAZERs and will not carry stuff like combat talons because of that studies data....
It is however my understanding that these bullets have very poor reputations for penetration. While they can make ghastly appearing superficial wounds, they sometimes do not adequately penetrate to major blood vessels or blood rich organs.

They dont over-penetrate either - a fast round leaving the body takes energy with it
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