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On that note... The daughter just might be in a pictuew shown on Fox news...

It was stated that the pic was from inside a pet store and several younger ladies are in the frame...
Yeah that's my idiot daughter, (Lower Left in dark jacket). The one WITHOUT the gun.

I spend a lot of time at that may, when I visit Portland, while my kids are at work I hang out at REI and B&N at the Star bucks, drinking coffee and reading. I've never seen a sign regarding no guns. I've always had mine, as does my daughter (when I'm there).

The thing is, Her brother's a Fed Cop in Portland, he grandpa is a retired Portland Cop, her uncle is a Clackamas County Deputy, her Cousin is a Happy Valley Cop,..........they all give her crap all the time for leaving the gun in the car, so I don't think they are concerned about her getting in trouble with for having a gun in the Mall.

Now to my daughter's defense (excluding not having a gun) she did good.

I worked with her on home defense. Found her a safe spot behind her bed (with her 7 dogs), where via security cameras, she can watch the whole house. She can tell it is the bandit or responding cops coming to her bedroom door. She also keeps another gun in that area. And we been working on her shooting.

She assured me last night that is what she was doing in the pet store, they were in a Office/store room area where they could see the store proper in case someone enters the store.

Of course being the grumpy daddy, I reminded her one AH crap (no gun) wipes out the "atta Girl".

Heck of a way to become a TV Star.

Moral of the story, THERE IS NO SAFE PLACES. If you ever been to the Clackamas Mall, you'd think that would be the last place on earth for such incidents.

For those who don't know, the Clackamas County Sheriff's office is about a block from the Mall, they also have an indoor range open to the public where we shoot. Real nice range. The put on several CCW & SD classes.

Its a pretty richy part of Portland. Shame some idiot has to screw it up.
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