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Old Roper,

You need to understand that wind often changes faster than you can hold a conference over it. In a class I took, Mid Tompkins said he sees no reason to have sight adjustments finer than half a minute for long range shooting, as the wind can change a quarter minute faster than you can adjust the sights to compensate. He told us he found it better to learn to watch for signs of those changes and hold off a quarter minute if that's needed.

On top of that, if you have four separate line coaches each responsible for helping four of the sixteen shooters on the line, a small discrepancy of opinion on wind value could develop that affects only the four firing points a particular coach is responsible for. Also, having a line coach that takes just a second longer to reach the same wind value that another does could affect the score of his four shooters. This may be a team effort on the score boards, but there are still a number of individual layers of judgment involved.

Take a look at this article and you will see some rifles in '88 only had 24.5 minutes of windage adjustment and already needed 24 minutes at 800. By Bryan Litz's formula, you could expect them to need about 27 minutes of windage at 1000 under those same conditions, which those 24.5 minute sights couldn't get to. So they had use the target upwind of their score target as their aiming center. That not only affects your shooting because the fellow to your right may fire and have his target pulled while you are still aiming, but that also makes it much easier for a momentary lapse of attention to result in a crossfire.

So there are a number of reasons one might be dropping points under those conditions. Add in the ammo shell game that was played on the visiting teams and you can see wind reading skill is only one of several. So please stop trying to needle Bart about it.
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