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Thanks Allaround

Your input is greatly appreciated.

I looked around their website and saw all the information they put out there and their reloading process. I was just unsure as to the brass they used. I have nothing against a hodge podge of brass. Normally when I go to my indoor range, I shoot about 150 rounds of centerfire pistol and come home with 300-400 pieces of brass anyway (The range does not make the shooter clean up their stall when they are done, instead the range officer comes by every couple of hours and just sweeps the brass into a huge dustpan, so if you time it right, there is tons of brass just sitting in the same stall I am shooting from so I don't need to worry about stealing someone else's brass.)

I have my Christmas bonus coming on Friday and was planning on making a bulk ammo purchase with some of it. I think I will order a box or two from them and see how it goes, if all goes well, a bulk order will be forthcoming.
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