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I've taken the NEOS out of consideration. I just can't get past the silly look of the thing. Otherwise, it would probably be the one.

I'm also likely taking the GSG 1911 out of the mix. There just doesn't seem to be the same deals to be had on it that there are with the others.

Now I think its down to the Buckmark, the Mark II, and the Bersa. I realize the Bersa is a bit of a different animal than the other two. But I think it has its advantages as well. I had been eying the. 380 version or maybe a PPK as a first CCW. So the Bersa. 22 would be a pretty good understudy.

Also, I swung by a LGS yesterday and got my hands on a Mark III (not II) and a Bersa 380. The Bersa definitely felt more "right" in my hands. The Ruger wasn't bad by any means though, just preferred the feel of the Bersa. Haven't been able to find a Buckmark in person yet. But Academy's website says "select stores" have it available for $299. I'm going to call the store near me and see if they have it.

Again, handloading is not something I'm interested in doing at this point. I realize it makes a lot of sense from a monetary standpoint. But it would take time I simply don't have much of right now. Hopefully at some point in the next year I can start.

Dan31, yeah I never really looked at it like that. Not a bad idea at all but I guess I'm thinking more longterm (I.E. past the next case). I want something that's going to be a cheap shooter for years and years to come. Plus, once that case is gone it's gone. With another gun I will have something of value. Something I could keep and enjoy for a very long time or sell/trade-in on another gun later.

Thanks again for all the advice everyone.
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