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Pictures uploaded in original post


Pictures of the rifle uploaded in the original post.

Even if I preserved it as well as I knew you can see there's some rust inside the barrel and on the outside too. When I recieved it I remember it was covered with rust and the wood was black of dirt. I used a damp sponge and baking soda to "polish" the gun and Murphy oil to clean the wood. Since then, once in a while I re-oil it all over with olive oil.

In the '60s I used a swab and baking soda again to "clean" the inside of the barrel, oiled it and fired it only once. That's when the breach broke, again I can say because I saw that it had been broken before because of the brass. You can see the brass again on what's left of the breach.

I assume the breach is made out of steel since it was braised, isn't it ?

You can see, at the bottom of the ejector, there's a notch. What's the purpose of that notch ? to recieve the firing pin or else ?

I want to have a new breach made. Not to fire the gun but so it could be complete again. It has a family value as it was first owned by my g-grand.
The condition isn't so good because it had been stashed in a wall in a garage during WW1 when the Canadian Gov. commandeered all the metal for the war. It stayed there ever since untill we dismanteled the garage for safety purposes in the early '60s, time where I inherited it along with it's "family story".
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