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I don't think that anyone is making a handgun safe that operates on your handprint. The brand you mention uses their handprint logo to place your fingers over the 4 buttons to punch your code in and open the electronic lock.
They also offer a biometric fingerprint reader on some of their models. Some people have problems getting their prints to register properly for reliable operation and you should consider some of the known factors. Dry or oily hands, a cut, dirt, paint, blood, etc., all effect the readers ability to work properly.

I know there are better quality readers out there than some are using. Cost is certainly a factor. The false acceptance rates vary greatly among manufacturers and they don't seem to openly disclose the rates. I have heard it ranges from 1 in 5000, which is common on handgun safes to 1 in 100,000. The company that claims the better rate sells theirs for around $300.00.

All these factors is why I still prefer a mechanical pushbutton lock on mine.
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