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If I was still 25 and had great eyesight, I'd settle for good night sights but time does march on...... and things aren't what they used to be.

^^^ This

My mother-in-law has these on her G26. She doesn't have great eyesight, especially if she is caught without her contacts on, but she can pick up these sights without an issue, in daylight or darkness. I personally don't like them much (preference), but they are quick to pick up a sight picture, and that front sight is huge making it easy to see.

I disagree. If you are justified, you are justified. If you ain't you ain't.
This is terrible advice. I agree that a laser is likely not going to be used against you in court, but the whole idea of "a clean shoot" is somewhat of a myth. I got a bit in trouble for getting into this idea a bit last week (I got a bit heated), but there are a bunch of little, seemingly innocent things that can be used against you, even if you are justified. I'd recommend two of Massad Ayoobs books (as he goes in depth into this subject), In the Gravest Extreme, and Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry. The Harold Fish case (I won't comment on this again past this, I promise) is an excellent case to show what can happen when you're up against a DA that wants another case on his belt, even if you were in a clean shoot.

Extremely useful when one is fending off an attacker with one hand while drawing and shooting from the hip with the other.
So when you're at contact range, you're going to look for the red dot? If you're actively fending off an attacker, just point the muzzle at them and shoot. The laser is useless in this case. The only time a laser is useful is when you have to fire from a position where you can't use the sights, or shooting from the hip. And with practice, you can learn to point shoot which would preclude the use of a laser.

I still call a laser a gimmick. Give me good night sights for SD. Throw in a weapon light with those night sights for HD, and that's all anyone needs. By the way, a weapon light can be used pretty effectively like a laser. You just need to practice doing it, if you absolutely need that index point.

One thing I will say about them is they make it very easy to diagnose trigger issues at the range.
I forgot about this use of them. Though I still wouldn't normally use a laser.
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