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Interesting. About 10 years ago I bought a Nikon 28-200 AF-D camera lens (USA warranty, not grey market) that the zoom locked up after 3 months, and Nikon wouldn't fix it under warranty, and wanted $400 to repair it, almost as much as I paid for it new. I'll never give them another nickel.
My experience as well with Nikon CS. I bought a used Monarch scope and they state in there warranty that they will repair it or replace and that the warranty transfers. It wouldn't hold zero so I sent it in and they wanted nearly the cost of a new one to fix it as well. The CS rep I talked to said when I asked why they wouldn't honor the warranty said it had been damaged through neglect. The only neglect it had on it was some pretty good ring marks from the previous owner where it had slid in the rings. I used it for nearly three years before it went shouth on the zero. I guess cosmetic damage qualifies as neglect.

Leupold has never done that to me and I've had a few scopes go back in for checkups, and have only ever had to have two repaired. One had a bad reticle and the other I picked up from a pawn shop with a scratched objective, and missing turret caps. They replaced the lens, turret caps, and it had a bad erector, fixed it all no questions asked.

I still have and use a couple of Nikons, but I have no faith in their warranty or CS.
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