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what is everyones thoughts on doing the 360 scan from a modified high ready your elbows tucked into your chest, the handgun pointed almost straight up or straight up about six to eight inches in front of your face and the muzzle just below eye level not blocking your field of view, does not sweep any innocents, and with a quick snap of the wrist downward the gun comes on target.
Sounds like what they used to call the "Full Sabrina" position when I was last at Gunsite about 10 years ago. Named after the Charlie's Angels show, where it was commonly used to get the actresse's face and the pistol into a closeup shot.

They were pretty disparaging about it.

I was looking for a picture, here's an old thread about it:

Good article on training here, with their comments on the "Sabrina" positions:

Another secondary source is… you guessed it… TV and movies. Yes, we run into loads of people whose shooting style mimics certain characters on the screen. (Consider the "Half-Sabrina" and "Full Sabrina" positions, gleaned from the Charlie's Angels show of a generation past!)

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