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I had one of the very last Series 70, made around 1983. Got it about two years ago, almost unfired. Oh boy, there was a reason it was used so little. It was so roughly finished on the inside that it would jam at least once in each magazine. The extractor had about the same tension as a sleeping puppy. The slide stop was so tight that it took the plunger housing out with it. Ammo cycled thru it looked like it had been blasted with small steel bearings. But, truth be told, after about 1-1/2 hours of polishing and fixing the beforementioned issues, the thing ran like a clock. I regret letting it go.

I never trusted my Charter Arns AR-7. Surprisingly accurate despite its atrocious trigger, but it would jam too often for my taste.

And then there was this Taurus revolver I didn't keep, in the early 80's. Don't remember a model number. Testing it at the range, it seemed to spit more lead to the sides than from the front!
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