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The most important factor

All this talk about the rifles but little focus on the shooter! How many folks really understand how to shoot consistently accurate? Do you understand parallax and how to adjust your scope for it, do you take the glare off your iron sights, do you pull the trigger in between heartbeats, can you read wind and mirage, do you load the bipod correctly, is your cheek weld always the same, have you established your natural point of aim, are the stock screws torqued to the proper setting from when you cleaned it the last time.... get the idea?

There are many variables that go into shooting MOA and smaller that have to be considered before you even talk about the rifle itself.
I see so many folks who forget or have never been taught the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship and then get frustrated that their rifles 'won't shoot'.

Here's a related article from a while back that's worth reading:

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