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Illinois will not have a "may issue" law either in the state as a whole or seperately in Chicago. The rkba movement in Illinois has been working hard for almost 20 yrs to get a shall issue law and year after year they have made progress - electing pro-ccw politicians, doing grunt work lobbying, holding public informational meetings on the right to carry in towns and cities throughout the state, educational outreach to politicians and public officials and law enforcement, working with both political parties, putting concealed carry county level referendums on the ballot that have passed gathering popular support, and holding politicians feet to the fire on rkba issues.

Last year and before they have had the opportunity to pass a "may issue" law or one that excluded Chicago and that idea was soundly rejected. Both the Illinois House and Senate have solid majorities for a shall issue law. The anti-rkba governors attempt to pass an assault weapons ban was rejected by both House and Senate by over 2/3 majorities this year. The only reason Illinois doesn't have a shall issue law today is through the political manuvering of Mike Madigan and that by a slim margin. So there is no possible way that Illinois will end up with a may issue law. No way that the pro-rkba movement and pro- rkba majorities in the House and Senate will allow anything less than statewide shall issue to pass. If they wouldn't surrender to may issue before, there is no way they will do so after this victory.

That doesn't mean Chicago, Speaker Madigan, or Governor Quinn will roll over by any means, but they are the one's on the hot seat now. And the pro-rkba is not going to let them off by settling for a deal they could have made before this decision.
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