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I was thinkin the same thing but for the life of me I can't see how to get the sight blade out. Please elaborate?
You've got to remove the windage screw, the insert a really small punch, toothpick, etc into the windage hole to compress the spring, and then the blade lifts out the top. The blade has a little dimple right in the middle of it on the bottom, so when you lift it out you'll have to line up that dimple with the corresponding notch in the top of the sight.

You'll also have to modify the blade then before you can reinstall it so that dimple will allow reverse installation. I just used a steel punch and and ball peen hammer to reverse the dimple, and then installation is a breeze. Another option some say works well, as an alternative to modding the blade, is to replace it with a V notch blade made by Ruger. I've not tried it, but it supposedly works well.
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