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Seriously, the lady needs to have training and try various firearms till she finds one she likes
I'd go with the 38 from every 70s cop show as suggested unless she wanted something else. I realize some are saying nay to this but I wanted to touch on something else.

my wife has her CCW permit but doesn't shoot much. She is just not that interested. Some women(and this doesn't have to be genders) want a firearm for protection but they aren't interested in trying a bunch of weapons, going to different ranges, etc. Does this mean they shouldn't buy or possess a gun? not in my opinion, not if she is responsible and knows how to use the firearm in an emergency. my wife can fire a 38 to save her or my offspring's life. It is also a nice concealable revolver.

just my two cents...I know in a perfect world the man should be at the range trying different weapons instead of having the CCW sit in his night stand drawer. I am just saying this isn't a perfect world. Some spouses would be waiting into a second lifetime to have all the proper steps taken. On a side note, someone who follows every step and is 100% proficient can be the idiot who leaves the weapon out for JR to shoot at his sister. Life is funny that way. Sometimes you just have to make your way. If you are responsible and safe, you can own a firearm for dire emergencies without being an expert. I know this also does subconciously at least touch on the semi/revolver debate...
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