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Gee, I didn't know those guys were able to bring home tanks and trucks and cannons and everything. I guess it was pretty free for all back then.* I don't mind that my neighbor brought home his B-29 from WWII, but it's got this big round thing underneath that he keeps fooling with. Should I move?
Well I'm not sure how that WWII vet fit a B-29 in his duffel bag, but nevertheless, I would consider calling the police on him because, eh heh hem, that is probably a bomb Keenan! Hopefully its been deactivated but you never know.

Or a lot of WWII vets told a lot of lies
Well I got a good story for all you skeptics! - my grandfather was issued a Remington Rand 45. One day out near Normandy with his men (he was a staff sergeant) they were attacked by a pair of Me 109s. They ducked for cover, and my grandfather drew his 45. He fired the entire magazine after the plane passed right over them, the plane caught smoke and sputtered, and the pilot bailed. The other plane flew away. The men were able to catch the Nazi pilot that bailed, and it was none other than Gunther Rall. He had his BYF 42 luger on a shoulder holster, which my grandfather confiscated. In case you don't know, Rall was a top German ace with 275 confirmed aerial victories. Today I am fortunate enough to have both guns but I am also cursed because no one seems to believe me.
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