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Deaf, you're my kind of hombre. I still hit the 75 lb canvas training bag twice a week after kettlebells and battlerope to try and maintain muscle memory on my old Ishinryu training (from back in high school).

Your advice on carrying a back up gun as the "reload" is great; I never would've thought of that. I was thinking either a S&W 908S, S&W CS45, Glock 27, or my mom's Ruger LC9 (which she doesn't like so we're trying to find her something else). I always have my NAA mini .22 revolver for the sock, if nothing else.

Speaking of which, funny bit of info: one of the many guns I inherited from my grandfather after he died was an RG-14, that infamous little .22lr 6-shot snubby. Arguably the worst handgun ever made. I've shot that thing who knows how many times and it's for real a suicide/execution gun b/c anything beyond six feet isn't going to get so much as a powder burn. It's hilarious. I hang on to it for nostalgic reasons though. My grandfather had good taste in guns and I think the only reason why he bought it was b/c my grandmother was hassling him about having a purse gun. He probably bought it for her b/c he knew if she ever tried to kill him she wouldn't be able to hit him with it! He DID have an old S&W .38 lemon squeezer break-top that's in shootable condition. Pretty gun. Reminds me of a M65 with how sleek it is.

Anyway, I didn't even think about the non-gun idea. I had just stood in front of a mirror and practiced with the real deals (dry). Now that I applied for my carry permit, I'm about to enter the wonderful wide world of holsters :\ . You can tell how thrilled I am. (it seems like an expensive pain finding the right one...guess that's why you make your own)

Reloading is a ways off as I still need to get a decent carry revolver with a longer barrel than my Chiappa Rhino 200DS or a good compact/sub-compact semi-auto.
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