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I checked specs, looks like they have been lightened quite a bit with the last redesign, so it looks like the newer 870's are much lighter than they use to be. Your 3-5 year old hardwoods weigh much more, so I'd try to get a newer synthetic.

Also, the benelli comes stock with multiple shim kit settings for the stock, help you custom fit the gun to yourself better. You can buy 1 of 3 different recoil pad lengths as well as cheek rests.

I want to stress over my last post my largest problem with the 870 was the unreliability. When you shoot trap with them its very common to see cycle malfunctions. If you only shoot your gun a few times a year you may not notice it, but of the 3 people I know with them, they all have ejection malfunctions going from once every 15 shots to once every 4.

And everyone who has held a super nova has to agree, that there is a lot more in the ergonomics department than in the 870. And imo the nova manages kick a hell of a lot better.

Go to your local gun shop, and hold them both. Even better, ask a friend that has them if you can shoot them. Choose what feels best to you, not what we prefer. Like mentioned look into the mossberg 500, I would buy that any day over the 870.
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