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Interesting replies, everyone - thanks for participating in this thread.

While I am still not comfortable with carrying myself, it has been said here, and I agree, that it is not a bad idea to have the carry permit if it is ever needed. There may be a time where I find myself needing to be able to carry, and if I don't have my permit it could take more than I would like to schedule a class and get in for it. Though I am still not on the idea yet of carrying for myself, I agree with the above.

pax wrote:

This is common thinking, but it's backwards. You don't become "good enough" to take a class. Ideally, you take a class while you are still new and unskilled, then practice to get better. The guys who have been shooting for years are the terror of experienced firearms instructors everywhere.

While I do agree this can be the case for many, I don't feel this directly applies in my situation. Here's why - When my wife and I decided we would like to get our CCW, we signed up for the class the same day we purchased our pistols. After doing so and talking about it, we both posponed our class until we felt comfortable handling and shooting our weapons. We then signed up for a beginners firearms class and took that. After that class, we then signed up and took a couple of private shooting lessons (with the same instructor that gave us our weapon handling class). The instructor showed us introductory safe handling and cleaning of our weapons and then one on one time at the range for a couple of two hour sessions for each of us. I feel this is more than we would have received in our one day CCW class. Of course there is, and always will be much more to learn, but we didn't want to go into our class knowing nada.

My wife is still 100% positive for her CCW permit, and likely so as I feel she is more of a target than I - I support her on this completely. I just don't know if it is for me yet. Again, I agree with the above that I may just find myself wishing I had that privilege to have a gun on my person and will most likely get the permit and have it for safe keeping.

Again, thanks to all.
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