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As far as Core Lokts go, I think they are fine rounds and they never let me down. They were accurate and did exactly what I expected them too.

As I mentioned, I think they are very good hunting rounds but in full disclosure, I stopped using them a few years ago not because of their performance but simply because I found them to be pretty dirty to shoot.
I have had great results with them also. And I haven't noticed them being particularly dirty in my .30-06 NEF Handi Rifle. I usually don't clean it til the season is over. I then put it up til I make sure it is still zeroed just before the next season. I generally won't fire more than 10 or 12 rounds a year through it.
The most I have fired it during any one deer season was four times.

If you are beginning to think I need to practice more with it to be able to hit what I am shooting at, I have fired it ten times at deer and one time at a coyote and have put ten deer and one coyote on the ground. All one shot kills. The deer ranged from 25 to 125 yards. The coyote was about 50 yards. I do shoot my other guns a lot more, especially my pistols and .22's.
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