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Its a lot easier to drive 700 yards than to walk it. Add a deer to the mix. Huff & Puff time no doubt about that if you had to pull a deer along as well. Just goes to show your here and kick'in. That deer was eaten. Now you got another to deal with. You guys down in Alabama sure know how to do things right back there in the woods Sir.
I was definitely doing some huffing and puffing by the time I got that deer to the truck. It was a doe that probably weighed in the 110 to 120 pound range but by that last 100 yards I think it had gained a couple of hundred pounds. And then I still had to get it in my truck bed by myself.

If you are referring to our deer season, you are right. Between bow and firearms, we have a 3 1/2 month long deer season with a limit of 2 a day, one of which can be a buck. A few years ago they did institute a three buck season limit. So if you killed the limit every day, you could legally kill about 210 in a season. However 207 would have to be does. We don't have to worry about tags or check the deer in anywhere. We are supposed to fill out a harvest record when we kill a buck. That is supposed to be done before you move the deer. Over the last seven seasons I have killed 14 deer, 8 of them bucks. Nobody has ever checked my harvest record.
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