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Ha, I like that last comment - but not serious.

My wife hates guns and has gone the other way in recent years. She was ok with trap shooting and other things on the range when we were younger, but is strong in her tracks for not having a gun in the house for protection.

You can bend stats, so hers is the simple one that houses with guns are more likely to have accidents with guns. Which is like saying households that own cars are more likely to have car accidents. But we still have cars.

Anyway, no logic etc. will work on her, so when I bought a gun to keep in the house and she found out about it (they always do) she freaked and wanted it out.

We later compromised and I have my gun safe in our summer house with everything up there and then I take a few for the home when we are in chicago in a locked gun/carry case. Out of site, out of mind.

So not the best situation, but I am not really in the market for a new wife! Ha. At least you had yours read these posts!
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