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Undoubtedly a great win for 2A rights but a word of caution. The opinion seems to approve of a permit system and more than hints that a state can require competency in firearms before issuing a permit.

[S]ome states sensibly require that an applicant for a
handgun permit establish his competence
in handling firearms. A person who carries a
gun in public but is not well trained in the use of firearms
is a menace to himself and others. See Massad
Ayoob, “The Subtleties of Safe Firearms Handling,”
Backwoods Home Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2007, p.
30; Debra L. Karch, Linda L. Dahlberg & Nimesh
Patel, “Surveillance for Violent Deaths—National
Violent Death Reporting System, 16 States, 2007,” Morbidity
and Mortality Weekly Report , p . 1 1 , (visited Oct.
29, 2012)., slip opinion at 16-17 (font attributes deleted from original).
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