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I shoot 10 shot groups all the time.Barrel is warm by then Barrel is warm by then,but a far cry from hot.
We live in different parts of the world, I guess. 10 shots out of any of my rifles in ONE minute and the barrels would burn my hand.

@nate45 Heat from the barrel can and will change your POI. Are you seriously saying that is just an excuse people use? Do you reload? Extreme changes in even ambient air temp. WILL change POI. I know shooting 10-shots in a row won't "hurt" anything, but to avoid extra throat erosion over the life of my barrels I choose not to shoot my rifles to the point where they are red hot.

You can listen to whomever you choose. The rest of the shooting community is going to judge their accuracy with 3 or 5 shot groups. And me, personally, I will be satisfied after I shoot several 5-shot groups and if most of them are Sub-MOA I feel ok about saying the rifle can shoot MOA.
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