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I recently retired as an E9 from the military after 22 years as a bomb disposal technician. I have had four combat deployments since 2003 and I am highly decorated for my service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I ordered a set of custom grips from Ed and Lisa Strange, the owners of, in January of 2011 for my retirement gun (Colt 1911). I paid $300.00 through PayPal and was told the lead-time would be 9 to 13 months. Additionally, I was told that the grips would be made out of Micarta, they would be OD Green in color, and they would sport the custom artwork that I paid a graphic designer to make.

The 1911 was not only special because I was preparing to retire, but was also important because 3 weeks before my first deployment my father died. Then, at the end of my last (4th) deployment, my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I expressed to Ed Strange and (At the time, 14 months into the order) the urgency of getting the grips completed.

I am now 23 months into this prepaid agreement and would like to know if anyone has had any RECENT experience with purchasing custom 1911 grips from

Ed Strange

Lisa Strange

Jake Rancourt

Also doing business as:

"Grip Werx"
9476 Sunrise Lane
Davison, Michigan 48423
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