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My first .44 Special

In the late summer of 1954 I had earned the $32.95 to order my Colt .45 New Service by mail order. My gun was a commercial New Service, once a .455 Eley from the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. I began building it into a custom .44 Special:

I had a new cylinder installed, along with a .44-40 barrel I scraped up. I couldn't find a local gunsmith to install the S&W rear sight, so took it to a local machine shop along with a drawing I had made. I ordered a Micro ramp and a Patridge blade and had a 'smith install this. Then had the gun blued, added an Ace trigger shoe, and whittled out a pair of walnut grips. By the time I had done all of this, the .44 Magnum was introduced. But I kept the gun until 1971, when it was among several stolen from a gunshop.

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