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Great News!

Can't wait for this 180 days to come due and see what they have crafted.

Similar to Wisconsin would be fine and reciprocity to neighboring states would also be good.

I know everyone does not know what to do with Chicago, but a CCW could just be an extension of the present restrictions:
Foid card
City of Chicago Firearms Permit - which requires a hands on certified course
Registration of individual firearms
(then can add a CCW permit on to the end of this)

To get through all of that you have to be pretty clean, determined and have a few hundred dollars to throw at it as I found out when getting my firearm permit. This will eliminate a lot of the meatheads that could cause problems down the road. (Of course leaving out all the present people(criminals) who illegally carry.

I am very excited. I finally will not be limited to a range gun and join the rest of the United States in being able to carry a weapon to protect myself and my family.
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