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Whoa down now

I posted on another sight last night on your gun , and have sent you a PM . I'd advise not getting in a rush to do anything to your gun , till you get all the info you can on it . The barrel has not been cut , and there may be a proper stock out there for it somewhere ! I have a 141 in .35 Rem. which was the next model , basicly an improved mod.14 . Mine has had the barrel cut to 18" and had no sights on it when I bought it for $250.00 . It now wears the front sight from a 760 , and a Williams Guide rear peep sight . It's one very handy rifle in the thick stuff , and just the ticket for hunting Black Bear with hounds . You can cross sling it and it doesn't snag in the brush . If you'd like I can search for a set of dies for your .32 . 32 Win Special data is what's used for the .32 Rem. as they are ballistic twins .
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