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I hear very clearly what you are saying in regards to Mr. Glock and past associations. I feel very much the same, despite having received great CS from Glock.

But please check out the history of Croatia (The country of origin of the XD and the home the most viscious of nazis) and the problem I have is that many in their country today are trying to reclaim their prior association with that. The President on down.

That being said, I heard the head of the JPFO say that all those evil doers were long gone and to buy what will serve your needs.

Also being said, my BIL had one live fire "shootout", if you will, in his LEO career. One of the 3 LEOs involved was a person of long time service, very professional and trained. He carried a 1911 (one of my favorites) and during the actual fight he never got a shot off. He kept pulling the trigger on a pistol he did not release the thumb safety on.

Just sayin. Good Luck
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