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P220 Compact/P245 and P229 are virtually identical in specs size-wise, the P229 is chubbier and grips differently (better or worse depending on your perception).

I have both and will attest the P245 has more manageable recoil, less flip, and I can shoot it more accurately at 15 yards. Get closer, and it becomes less of an issue.

I also have shot the G29 and G30 extensively, and both those guns are much more similar in design and the G30 is much easier to handle and there is much less muzzle flip. Both kick about the same.

The ultimate 45 gun is the 1911. Most are solid steel bricks, heavy as hell, absorb recoil beautifully, and seem to be made to shoot the 45 cartridge... oh wait they were. Until I'm an old man who can't see and shoot worth a ****, I'll attest that a well-crafted 1911 in 45 ACP is the best shooting semi automatic weapon that has ever been made or will be made until we're shooting lasers or some crap. 38 Super is a close second.

I don't know why there is such a rush to unseat and replace the 45 ACP round. It's big, slow, has a predictable trajectory, and is easy as hell to reload (even for morons like myself) and works at pressures that are kind to guns.

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