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357 versus deer

yes ive seen the threads on hunting pigs and the like with a 357. thats fine. ive seen the constant reposted information about the member who was a cop in anchorage who kiled a few deer hit moose with a 4 inch barrel using keith type loads at 20 yards or less.

the problem is, every other instance ov use of 357 by a person for deer has been the old style 8 inch barrel and heavy duty keith type ammo thats no longer loaded by most companies and with loading data that isnt exactly compatable with the current formulations of the powders keith and skelton played with in the 50s and 60s.

so do i hedge the bet and just get a saa in 44 special or 45 colt. or do i use a 357 with a 5-6 inch barrel loaded down with 180 grain slugs and just hope for penetration
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