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M1A Scope Mount and scope performance

I inherited a M1A a couple of years ago and have taken it to the range a couple of times to shoot it but I'm just not very good shooting open sights...getting old you see. So I saw a post a couple of days about scoping one and the mounts so I have been pondering scoping mine.

So does anyone know about scope mounts for them? How good is Springfield Armorys scope mount? I found one for $119.00 which sounds like a pretty good price.

How accurate do they shoot with a scope on them? Are they a 1000 yard rifle?

I am thinking about putting a Zeiss Conquest on it if I decide to go ahead and scope it. What kind of scope and reticle? Tactical? Hunting? I'm thinking I would definitely want the scope to have target turrents. If it shoots as good as I think it will I'd like to harvest a buck with it this coming year.

Any advice is appreciated!

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